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7th Annual Top Shorts 2021 Winners

Best of Fest 2021

The Morning Walk - Louise Hylland, Marc Harpsøe

Jury President Award

Sleepwalk - Filipe Melo

Special Jury Award

Until - Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick

Best Narrative Film of the Year

Sleepwalk - Filipe Melo

Best Indie Film of the Year

A Threat to Justice - Chris Files

Best Drama of the Year

Becoming Everything - Dan Lowënstein

Best Comedy of the Year

A Girl and a Gun - Pierre-Edouard Joubert

Best Thriller of the Year

Windblown - Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent

Best Horror of the Year

Vincent - Nicholas Andrews

Best Action Film of the Year

RED - David Newton, Beau Fowler

Best Sci-Fi of the Year

The Counterfeit Mind - Malek Haneen

Best Experimental Film of the Year

clarity. - Daisy Paroczy Hickey

Best Inspirational Film of the Year

Making Waves - Laura Zéphirin

Best Fantasy Film of the Year

Fulgidusen - Alexander Feichter

Best Romance Film of the Year

Manasanamaha - Deepak

Best Mystery Film of the Year

Acid Fantasy - Lorenzo Lanzillotti

Best Parody of the Year

Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story - Brian Colin Foley

Best Dark Comedy of the Year

Hero - Jayson Martin

Best Romantic Comedy of the Year

We Met in Quarantine - Rob Seiffert, Rob Wagner

Best Crime Film of the Year

Lockbox - Jake Noecker

Best LGBTQ Film of the Year

Underneath - Lena Weller

Best Film Noir of the Year

The Widow - Brendan Young

Best Web/TV Pilot of the Year

Sharp - Sander Ligthart

Best Web Series of the Year

Divorce School - Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Julie Zelman

Best Documentary of the Year

Inhale - Brian Chambers

Best Animation of the Year

The Heretic - Veselin Efremov

Best Music Video of the Year

Supersonics / Caravan Palace - Béchir "Jiwee" Jouini

Best Student Film of the Year

Pork Chop - Katherine Guggenberger

Best Microfilm of the Year

Made With Love - Chloé Robichaud

Best Director of the Year

RED - David Newton

Best First Time Director of the Year

Big Break - Dicle Ozcer