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8th Annual Top Shorts 2022: The Winners

We're thrilled to unveil the triumphant selections of the 8th edition of Top Shorts, celebrating outstanding achievements in both filmmaking and screenwriting.

After careful deliberation and fierce competition, we proudly present the remarkable projects that have made it to the top.

Best of Fest

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Best Narrative Film

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Best Indie Film

At the Strawberry Stand - Gerald Gerhard Pribek

Best Drama

Restless - Asger Krøjer Kallesøe

Best Comedy

The Rite Girl - Cody Theilman

Best Thriller

Reshape - Siming Zheng

Best Horror

The Game - Brynn Chamblee

Best Sci-Fi

Anomaly - Michael Jeanpert

Best Experimental Film

The Red Clock - Alexandra Balda

Best Inspirational Film

Leader - Chris Overton

Best Fantasy Film

Magic Drug - Wenchi Pan

Best Dark Comedy

My Dinner With Werner - Maverick Moore

Best Crime Film

Blue Lanterns - Brandon Chi-Wei Chen

Best LGBTQ Film

Spin - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Best Musical/Dance Film

Places, Please - Reed Luplau

Best Web/TV Pilot

Audition - Cosimo Tucci

Best Web Series

Vertu - Fabien Dufils

Best Documentary

Kara - Star Of The World - Daniel Mark Bedell

Best Animation

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Best Music Video

Niletto - Someone like you - Vladimir Besedin

Best Student Film

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Best Microfilm

I Don't Want Him Either - Heather Hawthorn Doyle

Best Director

Incognito - Jacky Song

Best First Time Director

Hanakotoba - Franck Lahoui, Jowkid

Best Indie Filmmaker

The Glimmer - Wenchi Pan

Best Young Filmmaker

It Always Is - Tristan Cohen

Best Actor

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz

Best Actress

Restless - Sarah Boberg

Best Child/Young Actor

Blue Lanterns - Julian Chan

Best Child/Young Actress

Speak - Trinity Soos

Best Duo

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz & Erin Clark

Best Ensemble

The Game - Emma Rose Smith, Eden Harper, Rae Becka, Ryan Lewis, Greyson Chadwick, Darla Delgado, Addison Ross, Keller Fornes, Rebecca Rose Goodman, Brynn Chamblee

Best Cinematography

All Blood Runs Red - Eric Dumont

Best Editing

Life After - Zach Prichard

Best Score

Life After - Ryan Taubert

Best Sound Design

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Best Song

Dark Shadow - Jehan Rabah Assria, Adeniyi "Synematik" Adelekan

Best Commercial/Promotional Video

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Best Trailer

Incognito - Jacky Song

Best Original Story

The Last Light - Dave Craighead

Best Screenplay

Evie and Beck Kill A Monster - Chris Paschall

Best Television Script

Losing the Plot - Nicola Morris, Rupert Bogarde

Special Jury Award

Eldorado - Kevin James Bond

Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year

The Memories of A Song - Sibo Zhu

Breakthrough Screenwriter of the Year

No Respect - Benjamin King

* The Best of Fest winner receives a free statuette. Other winners may order an official Top Shorts statuette.

* Winners may order a review - FilmFreeway Gold members get $50 off

Watch "All Blood Runs Red", directed by Paul Mignot


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