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MAY 2020
HotHed review
Windblown design
Countless Sheep design
Stick To Manual design
Zader Law design
Wherever, Whatever design
Unapeeling design
Tic Talk- Time to Heal design
The Axe and the Iron design
Susie design
One Actor Short 3 design
Plant design
Manasanamaha design
Mama design
Legacy design
Just Delivered design
HotHed design
Hot Take design
Coasters- A Film by Ben Kurns design
A Line Unbroken- The Charles Forrester S
CPAC- The World is Watching design
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 05 TS FIN
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 05 TS SEMI-FINALISTS
Top Shorts Online Film Festival Statuette

Winners may order a statuette for themselves and their team, for $290 including shipping.

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After making an order, please send us an email to with the following details: 

1. Award (for example: Best Director)

2. Name

3. Film title

4. Full shipping address, including phone number


We'll email the design for your approval prior to engraving it on the statuette.

Film of the Month
David Spring
Best Narrative Film
Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent
Honorable Mention: Narrative Film
The Millennial Condition
Michael Welsh
Best Indie Film
Hot Take
Arthur Glover
Honorable Mention: Indie Film
Joshua Hanesack
Best Drama
Cristobal Abugaber
Honorable Mention: Drama
Darryl "D.Roe" Parker
Best Comedy
David Spring
Honorable Mention: Comedy
What Do We Do?
Roderick Fenske
Best Thriller
Countless Sheep
Rhett Wellington, Riley Robbins
Honorable Mention: Thriller
Cherry Swamp Road
Josh Cummins
Best Horror
Jordan Doig
Honorable Mention: Horror
Peek a Boo: I See You
Jose Escorcia
Best Sci-Fi
Carlos Milite
Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi
Sina Sultani
Best Experimental Film
One Actor Short 3
Yuval David
Honorable Mention: Experimental Film
Artist, Act of Love
Kuukua Eshun
Best Inspirational Film
A Line Unbroken: The Charles Forrester Story
David Earnhardt, Patricia Earnhardt
Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film
May Day: COVID Across America
Georgia Fort, Krysta Rayford
Best Romance Film
Honorable Mention: Romance Film
Justice Gamble, Alex Benjamin
Best Mystery Film
Acid Fantasy
Lorenzo Lanzillotti
Best Parody
Coasters: A Film by Ben Kurns
J.G. Murphy, Nolan Pugh
Best Dark Comedy
The Axe and the Iron
Matthew Roseman
Best Romantic Comedy
Just Delivered
Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson
Honorable Mention: Romantic Comedy
A Lily in L.A.
Glen Michel
Best LGBTQ Film
Wherever, Whatever
Broderick Angeles
Honorable Mention: LGBTQ Film
The Cruising Monologues
Jose Batista-Ayala
Best Web Series
Zader Law
William Woods, Shawn Bates, Stanley Sievers
Best Documentary
CPAC: The World is Watching
Jason Killian Meath
Honorable Mention: Documentary
Sleep in Heavenly Peace - A Bed for All Children
Steve Colwell, Teri Horsley
Best Animation
Stick To Manual
Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold
Honorable Mention: Animation
Kenna Hornibrook, Crissy Peters
Best Music Video
Tonio Krueger
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Devotchka "Done With Those Days"
Marcin Biegunajtys, Nick Urata
Best Student Film
Tic Talk: Time to Heal
Maria Florencia Smith
Honorable Mention: Student Film
Nothing But The Truth
Kayla Marcus
Best Microfilm
Amber Baris
Honorable Mention: Microfilm
Long Way Down
Brandon Lopez
Best Director
Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent
Honorable Mention: Director
Acid Fantasy
Lorenzo Lanzillotti
Best First Time Director
Letters from a Father
Andrea Fantauzzi
Honorable Mention: First Time Director
The Axe and the Iron
Matthew Roseman
Best Indie Filmmaker
Josh Brainin, Ernest Kabashi
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker
Lexa Davis
Best Young Filmmaker
The Friday Night Escape
Billy Tsiolis
Best Actor
Countless Sheep
Marco Delvecchio
Best Actress
Katie Vincent
Best Young Actor
Letters from a Father
Cam Burns
Best Young Actress
Letters from a Father
Katie Coryell Hall
Best Duo
Till Death
Emma Maddock & Andrew Thomas
Honorable Mention: Duo
Katie Vincent & Jacob A. Ware
Best Ensemble
Countless Sheep
Marco Delvecchio, Rhett Wellington, Anna Daines, Jeremiah Jahi, Ryan Ramirez, Lucas Royalty
Honorable Mention: Ensemble
Nimisha Odedra, Victoria Broom, Amber Doig-Thorne, Jonathan Hansler, Alexander Neal
Best Cinematography
Beatriz Delgado Mena
Honorable Mention: Cinematography
Something To Fight 4
Denis Bosnjakovic
Best Editing
James A Bull
Honorable Mention: Editing
Countless Sheep
Riley Robbins
Best Score
Fabrizio Licheri
Honorable Mention: Score
Kenna Hornibrook, Crissy Peters
Best Visual Effects
Carlos Milite
Best Original Story
Stephen Pitt, David Spring
Honorable Mention: Original Story
J.R. Curtis
Best Screenplay
Josie's Date With Death
Lisa Marie Tedesco
Honorable Mention: Screenplay
Glass to Metal
Bryce Parks
Best Drama Screenplay
Paddy's Tonsorial Emporium
Ronald Milburn
Best Comedy Screenplay
Miss Taken
Alison Moir
Best First Time Screenwriter
Debra Sharkey
Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter
Channel Bibi
Preya Gill, Rajan Gill
Best Television Script
The Perfect Time
Scott Nelson