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JULY 2020
A Girl and a Gun review
Goalie design
If You Love Her, Let Her Go design
Breaking the Silence design
Anacostia design
We to Me design
A Girl and a Gun design
Velvet Farewell design
Two Arms Apart design
Pandemia design
The Monster's Club design
Orwell design
Neutrals design
Loop design
Lockbox design
Melted design
Looking Glass design
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 07 TS
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 07 TS SCREENPLAY FINALIST
‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏2020 07 TS SEMI-FINALISTS
Top Shorts Online Film Festival Statuette

Winners may order a statuette for themselves and their team, for $290 including shipping.

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After making an order, please send us an email to with the following details: 

1. Award (for example: Best Director)

2. Name

3. Film title

4. Full shipping address, including phone number


We'll email the design for your approval prior to engraving it on the statuette.

Film of the Month
A Girl and a Gun
Pierre-Edouard Joubert
Best Narrative Film
Breaking the Silence
Seayoon Jeong
Honorable Mention: Narrative Film
The Little Things
Rathin Rao
Best Indie Film
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Ilan Zerrouki
Honorable Mention: Indie Film
Zoom and Gloom
Nicholas Jones
Best Drama
The Monster's Club
Federica Alice Carlino
Honorable Mention: Drama
Love Letter
Corina Marie Howell, Christopher D. Park
Best Comedy
A Girl and a Gun
Pierre-Edouard Joubert
Honorable Mention: Comedy
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Ilan Zerrouki
Best Thriller
Velvet Farewell
Micheal Eastman
Honorable Mention: Thriller
Kevin Austra
Best Experimental Film
Katerina Giannakopoulou
Honorable Mention: Experimental Film
Feminine Shadow
Kelly Karam
Best Inspirational Film
Looking Glass
Joslyn Rose Lyons
Best Fantasy Film
Yanqing Chen
Honorable Mention: Fantasy Film
Artificial Souldier
Jason Gonzalez
Best Mystery Film
Yanqing Chen
Best Dark Comedy
Jacob Horne
Best Web Series
Anthony Anderson, Martha Byrne
Best Documentary
We to Me
Jade Chase
Honorable Mention: Documentary
The Last Descendant of The Emperor
Liu Tianhao
Best Animation
Maarten Lemmens
Honorable Mention: Animation
Tides Are Changing
Dinah Kalaha, María Bjarnadóttir
Best Music Video
Two Arms Apart
Renee Jonas, Sven Tydeman, Elizabeth Usher, Ben Chai
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Jonathan Sprout, Rodney Whittenberg
Best Student Film
Jake Noecker
Honorable Mention: Student Film
Denver to Boston
Joseph Anthony Marcello
Best Microfilm
Nikki Chapman
Honorable Mention: Microfilm
Bloody Freaks
Michael Davis, Meganne Kocher
Best Director
A Girl and a Gun
Pierre-Edouard Joubert
Honorable Mention: Director
Peter Nogueira
Best First Time Director
Nikki Chapman
Honorable Mention: First Time Director
Birds Of A Feather
Varad Bhamburdekar
Best Indie Filmmaker
E. A. Dodson
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker
Phases of the Moon
B. Monét, Lauren Guglielmello
Best Young Filmmaker
What Are You Waiting For?
Ella Jerrier
Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker
The Glitter of Sound
Xinyue Zhang
Best Actor
Justin Schilling
Best Actress
Amber Gaston
Best Actor in an Indie Film
Kerwin Gonzalez
Best Actress in an Indie Film
You Up?
Lindi Cecile
Best Supporting Actor
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Fred Tousch
Best Supporting Actress
Anna Horsey
Best Duo
Velvet Farewell
Sasha Andreev & Maggie Bearmon Pistner
Honorable Mention: Duo
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Lucas Delesvaux & Fred Tousch
Best Cinematography
Gabriella Megni
Honorable Mention: Cinematography
York At Night
Fabian Jedoux Tehrani
Best Editing
A Girl and a Gun
Romain Boileau
Honorable Mention: Editing
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Antonio Lizzio
Best Sound Design
Bin Lin
Best Song
Always By Your Side
Katie Hardyman, Mick Evans, Anna Weatherup
Honorable Mention: Song
Best Visual Effects
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Ilan Zerrouki
Best Commercial
Meet Orwell
Thomas Stachura
Honorable Mention: Commercial
Pin Galant 30th Season
Brice Blanloeil
Best Original Story
Breaking the Silence
Seayoon Jeong, Sandra Philip
Honorable Mention: Original Story
When the Wiggle Met the Giggle
Spencer Katz, Cydney Williams
Best Screenplay
Jennifer Milne
Honorable Mention: Screenplay
Kate's Ballad
Rory O'Connor
Best Drama Screenplay
The Can
Shadow C. LaValley
Best Comedy Screenplay
Doug Maguire
Best First Time Screenwriter
Pueblo Stories: A Perfect World
Nathaniel Fuentes
Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter
The Music Box
Ahmed Mohamed Almaazmi
A girl and a gun
The Monster's Club
We to Me
Tides Are Changing
Velvet Farewell
You Up?
If you love her, let her go
Bloody Freaks
A Girl and a Gun Teaser