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Best of Fest:
SLEEPING DEATH (La Muerte Dormida)
David Casademunt
Top Shorts Online Film Festival Statuette

The Best of Fest winner will receive one free Top Shorts statuette. 

Other winners may order a statuette for themselves and their team, for $290.


* After the order is made, please send us an email to with the following details: 

title of the film, director's name, award (for example: Best Drama) and full address. 


*  Customs fees might apply according to the country-specific regulations. 



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Best of Fest
SLEEPING DEATH   |   David Casademunt, Spain
Best Animation
MY BIG BROTHER   |   Jason Rayner, USA
Honorable Mention - Animation
WAY OUT   |   Yukai Du, UK
Best Documentary
Honorable Mention - Documentary
PUTTING THE RIBBON BACK ON   |   Richard Louprasong, USA
Best Drama
BUTTON EYES   |    Marlom Meirelles, Brazil
Best Comedy
OUT WITH A BANG   |   Toryn Westcott, UK
Honorable Mention - Comedy
A NOVEL APPROACH TO DATING   |   Emmet O'Brien, Ireland
Best Thriller
LIGHT GAMES   |   Laszlo Barbo, Italy
Honorable Mention - Thriller
NO MORE TOMORROWS   |   Chris Emmons, USA
Best Horror
VAGABOND   |   Ryan Sheridan, Canada
Best Science Fiction
THE CAUSE   |   Marco De Luca, UK
Honorable Mention - Science Fiction
THROUGH THE UNCANNY VALLEY   |   Pasquale M. Greco, Canada
Best Action
UPOVANIE   |   Iiro Peltonen, Finland
Best Crime Film
LAST HIT   |   Gregory Herman, USA
Honorable Mention - Crime Film
DIRTY BILL OF HEALTH   |   Rob Carpenter, Canada
Honorable Mention - Crime Film
LOOSE CANNONS   |   Joseph Skorman and Sharif Nakleh, USA
Best Inspirational Film
WE AS PEOPLE   |   Chris Phillips, Timor-Leste
Best Indie Film
THE BRIGHTEST STAR   |   Grant Pollard, UK
Honorable Mention - Indie Film
STILL   |   William Lu, The Netherlands
Honorable Mention - Indie Film
PLAYTHINGS   |   Brian Boenau, Bryan Loy, USA
Best Micro Film
STATUS CHANGE   |    Rajesh Naroth, USA
Honorable Mention - Micro Film
THE JOY OF READING   |   James Chapman, UK
Best Film: Hope
JORDANNE   |   Zak Razvi, UK
Best Cinematography
DECAY   |   Mike Stern Sterztnski, Poland-USA
Best Editing
HORLA   |   Gabriel Galand, France
Best Director
David Casademunt   |   Sleeping Death
Honorable Mention - Director
Karlos Alastruey   |   Aitziber in the Tunnel
Honorable Mention - Director
Yan Giroux   |   Mi Nina Mi Vida
Best Actor
Tom Gibbons   |   Sidetracked
Honorable Mention - Actor
Jan Harrelson   |   Sea Odyssey
Best Actress
Angie Alexander   |   Light Games
Honorable Mention - Actress
Harriett Olins   |   Sidetracked
Honorable Mention - Actress
Mireia Vilapuig   |   Sleeping Death
Best Child Actor
Matt Rossitch   |   Sea Odyssey
Best Child Actress
Tia Morgan   |   Shine
Best Original Screenplay
THE MAID   |   Sascha Zimmermann, Germany
Best Original Score
RAIN LOTUS   |   Joe Chang, China
Honorable Mention - Original Score
THE DISTANT TOUCH   |   Jun Chen and Yang Yang, USA
Honorable Mention - Original Score
HOMINID   |   Justin Suttles, USA
Best Student Film
THE CHOSEN   |   Guillermo Ruotolo, Spain
Best LGBT Film
SUGARHICCUP   |   Lisa Donato, USA
Best First Time Director
Javi Navarro   |   I've Just Had a Dream
Honorable Mention - First Time Director
Jennifer Neala Page   |   Taking The Lead
Raymond Alvin   |   Sid's New Glasses
James Peaty   |   Testimony
Jason Fernandes   |   Blades of Grass
Luigi Storto   |   Naleena
Dániel Füzes   |   Retaliation
Special Mention
BELOW THE SURFACE   |   Neema Sadeghi and Rona Ahdout, USA
COMIC POTENTIAL   |   Ross Carey and Emmet O'Brien, Ireland
SINCERITY   |   Gloria Mercer, Canada
SMALL POTATOES   |   Justin Rogers, Congo
TAKE A PENNY   |   Michael McCallum, USA
SOPHIE'S LETTER   |  Zhimin Hu, Canda
Audience Choice Award
Animation: STARFINDERS   |   David Junesok Lee, Republik of Korea
Documentary: THE PACIFIC WAYFARER   |   Dylan Maranda, Canada
Comedy: OUT WITH A BANG   |   Toryn Westcott, UK
Thriller: LIGHT GAMES   |   Laszlo Barbo, Italy
Drama: SEA ODYSSEY   |   Adam Nelson, USA
Horror: THE CHOSEN   |   Guillermo Ruotolo, Spain
Action: DECAY  |   Mike Stern Sterzynski, Poland-USA
Crime: LOOSE CANNONS   |   Joseph Skorman and Sharif Nakhleh, USA
Inspirational: INVINCIBLE   |   Frederick Kroetsch, Canada
Micro Film: BETWEEN HANDS   |   Efrain Garcia, Argentina
Indie Comedy: POLITICALLY CORRECT   |   Savannah Rodgers, USA
Indie Thriller: PLAYTHINGS   |   Brian Boenau and Bryan Loy, USA
Indie Crime Film: ROBIN HOOD   |   Yohei Ishihama, USA
Indie Drama: BACKWARDS FROM TEN   |   Laura Arboleda, Canada
Indie Horror: THE TRAIN   |   Emilija Gasic, Serbia
Special Screening
ALEKTO   |   Thomas Kaufmann, Switzerland
THE RITE OF ROSEMARY   |   Daniel Webb, UK
WILL YOU KILL ME NOW?   |   George Cowin & Sam Ewen, UK
BITTER NATIVES   |   Rob Potter, UK
TO THE STARS   |   Janine Piguet, Switzerland


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