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Best of Fest:
Yifan Xiao
Top Shorts Online Film Festival Statuette

The Best of Fest winner will receive one free Top Shorts statuette. 

Other winners may order a statuette for themselves and their team, for $290.


* After the order is made, please send us an email to with the following details: 

title of the film, director's name, award (for example: Best Drama) and full address. 


*  Customs fees might apply according to the country-specific regulations. 



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Best of Fest
THE LETTER   |   Yifan Xiao, USA
Best of Fest - 2nd Place
47 MINUTES   |   Austin Wilson, USA
Best Animation
EVO   |   Adolfo Aliaga, Jordi Alonso, Joan Gomar, Spain
Honorable Mention - Animation
EL GUAPO   |   Brendan Gottlieb, USA
Best Documentary
ABOVE ALL ELSE   |   Yali Sharon, USA
Honorable Mention - Documentary
FIRES - BURIED MEMORIES   |   Eric Vander Borght, Netherlands, Poland
Best Drama
BRAIN MAKER   |    Emmett Sparling, Canada
Honorable Mention - Drama
LITTLE BEAR   |   Daire Glynn, Ger Duffy, Ireland
Best Comedy
LIFE ON MARS   |   Andie Isaacs, Jake Gillman, USA
Honorable Mention - Comedy
DUO   |   Karl E. Landler, USA
Best Thriller
REFORMATION   |   Hoyon Jung, USA
Honorable Mention - Thriller
THE CLEARING   |   Dean Pearson, UK
Best Horror
ANGEL OF DEATH   |   Bethany Tennant, UK
Honorable Mention - Horror
IN THE DARK   |   Will Schneider, USA
Best Science Fiction
THE SOMEONE   |   Helder Pedro, USA
Honorable Mention - Science Fiction
TROY   |   Yang Xiao, USA
Best Action
LADY IN WHITE   |   Alfredo Hueck, Venezuela
Honorable Mention - Action
RABBIT   |   Ndubuisi Aja, UK
Best Crime Film
THE LAST ONE   |   Jean-Baptiste Pacioselli, Kyrian Rouvet, France
Best Inspirational Film
HARMONY   |   Enrique Diaz, USA
Honorable Mention - Inspirational Film
Best Indie Film
DESIRE   |   Miguel S. Martin, Spain
Honorable Mention - Indie Film
AVE MARIA   |   Alexander McPherson, Daniel Ellis, USA
Best Micro Film
LOVE IN REVERSE   |    Jacque Rabie, USA
Best Film: Hope
THE STORY OF 90 COINS   |   Michael Wong, Gao Xiaofei, China
Honorable Mention - Hope Film
MOMENT OF ANGER   |   Eric Player, USA
Best Couple
Julie Christiansen and Henrik Prip   |   Cloudstruck Drive
Honorable Mention - Couple
Zina Ibrahim and Ghaith Jalboush   |   Tangency
Best Cinematography
Jian Liwei   |   The Story of 90 Coins
Honorable Mention - Cinematography
Vlad Akushevich   |   Film School Musical
Best Editing
Merrill S. Nielson   |   47 Minues
Honorable Mention - Editing
Brian Roach, James McLellan, Brad Crawford, Ryan Hanson   |   Period Piece
Best Director
Emmett Sparling   |   Brain Maker
Honorable Mention - Director
Daire Glynn, Ger Duffy   |   Little Bear
Best Actor
Christian MacInnis   |   Brain Maker
Honorable Mention - Actor
Shaw Jones   |   The Letter
Best Actress
Adrienne Lovette   |   Thick Heart
Honorable Mention - Actress
Izabella Pörös   |   It's A Long Way
Best Child Actor
Ghaith Jalboush   |   Tangency
Honorable Mention - Child Actor
Calum Heath   |   Little Bear
Best Child Actress
Zina Ibrahim   |   Tangency
Honorable Mention - Child Actress
Ellie Walsh   |   Brenda
Best Original Screenplay
Yifan Xiao, Yue Hu   |   The Letter
Honorable Mention - Original Screenplay
Emmett Sparling, Lawrence Sparling   |   Brain Maker
Best Original Score
Ruairi Lynch   |   Little Bear
Honorable Mention - Original Score
An Wei   |   The Story of 90 Coins
Best Student Film
BRAIN MAKER   |   Emmett Sparling, Canada
Honorable Mention - Student Film
THE LETTER   |   Yifan Xiao, USA
Honorable Mention - Student Film
47 MINUTES   |   Austin Wilson, USA
Best LGBT Film
GIRL NIGHT STAND   |   Jenna Laurenzo, USA
Best First Time Director
Yifan Xiao   |   The Letter
Honorable Mention - First Time Director
Kristi Dake   |   Thick Heart
Best Indie Action
BANG   |   Lotfaï & Bertrand Ploquin, France, USA
Best Indie Comedy
BOP IT: A LOVE STORY   |   Emma Sauerwein, Kayla Schultz, USA
Best Indie Drama
EUREKA   |   Kio Shijiki, USA
Honorable Mention - Indie Drama
RABBIT   |   Ndubuisi Aja, UK
Best Indie Horror
Best Indie Romance
LOVE ANYTHING   |   Etienne Theytaz, Switzerland
Honorable Mention - Indie Romance
ACT ZERO   |   Thomas Rivera Montes, USA
Best Indie Thriller
PAREIDOLIA   |   Daniel Russell, USA
Honorable Mention - Indie Thriller
BLACK SPOT   |   Chris Bretz, Australia
Best Musical / Dance Film
FILM SCHOOL MUSICAL   |   Maan B., Talha B., USA
Best Fantasy Film
HEROES OF THE REALM   |   Kyle Roberts, USA
Best Dark Comedy
PREFLEXIA   |   Shawn Leister-Frazier, USA
Special Mention
A DUBIOUS NIGHT   |   Nelson Oliveras, USA
BEHIND A VEIL   |   Niccolo Scavo, Italy
DEVOTION   |   Dan Horrigan, UK
ESKIMO BROTHERS   |   Michael McCallum, USA
IF NOT NOW   |   Lori Kay Allred, USA
RANDOM   |  Cindy Maples, USA
SCENT OF LOVE   |   Chengcheng Feng, USA
TERRENCE   |   Hunter Tait, Australia
THE FREEDOM GATE   |   Mark Baird, USA
WATER FROM THE MOON   |   Ellen Burns, Singapore, Indonesia
Audience Choice Award
Animation: THE GREAT SILENCE   |   Shuren Hao, China
Documentary: JACHALAY   |   Manos Gerogiannis, Yannis Zoumakis, Greece
Comedy: MOMENT OF ANGER   |   Eric Player, USA
Crime: THE LAST ONE   |   Jean-Baptiste Pacioselli, Kyrian Rouvet, France
Drama: STAND UP   |   Jinming Zhao, USA
Fantasy: ENCOUNTER   |   Mirko Preatoni, Italy
Horror: ANGEL OF DEATH   |   Bethany Tennant, UK
Indie Action: BANG   |   Lotfaï & Bertrand Ploquin, France, USA
Indie Comedy: A WARMING TREND   |   Audrey Noone, USA
Indie Crime: BROTHERHOOD   |   Ness Kiritharan, Roshan Permesar, Canada
Indie Drama: BLINDSIDED   |   Emily Reas, USA
Indie Horror: BLURRED VISION   |   Michael Giannantonio, USA
Inspirational: I AM MORGAN   |   H. Grimm, C. Godó Borrás, I. Buesa García, New Zealand
Micro Film: CASE #311   |   Jennifer Nangle, USA
Sci-Fi: ISCARIOT   |   Aleksandra Petrova, UK
Thriller: AVE MARIA   |   Alexander McPherson, Daniel Ellis, USA
Special Screening
THE VETERAN HOUR   |   Hamlet Sarkissian, Donatella Gomelsky-Guchard, USA
THE IMAGINIST   |   Natalee Rawat, Canada
REMEMBER   |   Bill Gebhart, USA
JACOB'S PARADOX   |   Michael Peake, USA
CI: A TEDD TALKUMENTARY   |   Martin Sweeney, USA
THE LIVING FOREST   |   Alex Afshar, Sweden
GHENT IN MOTION   |   Michael Tiger, Belgium
LIGHT GAMES   |   Laszlo Barbo, Italy
BUTTON EYES   |   Marlom Meirelles, Brazil
SLEEPING DEATH   |   David Casademunt, Spain


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