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Top Shorts Winners - January 2024

Film of the Month

ELM - Kay Qiao

Best Narrative Film

ELM - Kay Qiao

Best Indie Film

Hazing Rain - Rosie DeHoyos

Best Drama

The Geierwally - Mario Dengler

Best Comedy

What Happened at Don's? - Eden Gamliel

Best Thriller

The Still of the Night - Luke Valdes-Rodriguez

Best Horror

Glamping - Rosemary Idisi, RaeAnne Carlson

Best Sci-Fi

An AI Story - To Be or Not to Be - Steve Halpern

Best Experimental Film

Zoltar's Fortune - Robrecht Berg

Best Inspirational Film

Dare to Dream - Max Ornstil, Pedro Garcia

Best Fantasy Film

ELM - Kay Qiao

Best LGBTQ Film

Sharon and the Vege Plot - John Brooks

Best Web/TV Pilot

Hollywoo - Tommy Jay Dwyer, Joseph Anthony Marcello

Best Documentary

Hidden Gem of the Silicon Valley - Victor Migalchan

Best Animation

To My Buddy - Myung-ju Kim

Best Music Video

talk it out - Ava Della Pietra, Adam Lukowski

Best Student Film

Sanity - Jade Wicker

Best Director

What Happened at Don's? - Eden Gamliel

Best Indie Filmmaker

The Hit - Tommy Jay Dwyer, Jesus Paez-Cortes, Joseph Anthony Marcello

Best Duo

The Geierwally - Sabrina Engl & Franz Braun

Best Cinematography

The Geierwally - Simon Andreas Baumgartner

Best Original Story

What Happened at Don's? - Eden Gamliel, Marcello Rice

Best Screenplay

Madam Professor - Catherine Schandl

Best Drama Screenplay

Care Source - Matthew Nicholson

Best Thriller Screenplay

The Promise - Frank P Mancuso, Chris J Adams

Best Television Script

Madam Professor - Catherine Schandl

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Dare to Dream - Trailer


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