20 Shorts with Ronn Kilby

1. My all-time favorite movie: Casablanca, followed by A Few Good Men - for different reasons.

2. A film that inspired me to become a filmmaker: Buckaroo Banzai, directed by W.D. Richter. A cult classic, it was made on a very low budget starring unknown actors who would later make it very big. I've watched it maybe 50 times.

3. Best movie I've seen in 2019: Haven't seen it yet. Currently too busy to go to the movies. But in 2018 I loved The Favourite, Beale Street, Black Panther, and Can You Ever Forgive Me? - all for different reasons.

4. One actor and one actress I would love to work with: Tom Hanks for his incredible range. Frances McDormand, likewise.

5. A director I would love to work with: Ron Howard. I took his Masterclass and was blown away by his knowledge and perspective on directing, and storytelling in general. Also Aaron Sorkin (more for his writing) is my hero.

6. My happy place is: On the sofa watching Jeopardy with my lovely bride.

7. My favorite hobby is: Luthiery. I've been building guitars off and on since I was a teenager. And motorcycle touring. Both relax me.

8. Most people don't know that I: Was briefly a nude model at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

9. The most challenging film I worked on: MiSDiRECTiON. I was DP, it was a 96 minute "one shot" on steadicam. Nearly killed me.

10. The project(s) I'm most proud of: SKIN: The Movie. And my 9 grandkids.