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Top Shorts Winners - June 2024

Film of the Month

Voyeuress - Jan Fabris

Best Narrative Film

The Possible Life - Burke Doeren

Best Indie Film

Voyeuress - Jan Fabris

Best Drama

Amentalio - Fernanda Vilela, Mokotsi Rukundo

Best Comedy

Super Ruble Adventure - Tommie Grabiec

Best Horror

A Vampire's Kiss - Mark Francis

Best Sci-Fi

Superior Subject - J.D. Henning

Best Experimental Film

Corporeal - Michael Andrew Gearheart

Best Inspirational Film

House of Hope - Jill Bugbee, Eric Bugbee

Best Romance Film

Love Beyond Dreams - Simin Vaswani, Jeremiah Kipp

Best Virtual Reality

SCENE II - Pei-Yu Shih

Best Animation

Checkpoint - Deanna Kennedy

Best Music Video

SCENE II - Pei-Yu Shih

Best Student Film

I'm Not A Bad Person - Claire Elyse de Vries, Morgan Kisner

Best Director

Mute - Andrea Borbolla

Best First Time Director

Superior Subject - J.D. Henning

Best Indie Filmmaker

Waves of Her - Gwenn Hope

Best Young Filmmaker

Fantasy of Two - Maria Fedorovskiy

Best Actor

The Possible Life - Michael Vlamis

Best Actress

Amentalio - Fernanda Vilela

Best Child Actor

Love Beyond Dreams - Karan Vaswani

Best Child Actress

Superior Subject - Ruby Durr

Best Duo

The Possible Life - Lauren Call & Michael Vlamis

Best Cinematography

Reset Now - Jonathan Strauch

Best Editing

Love Beyond Dreams - Simin Vaswani

Best Score

Reset Now - Torsten Häufler

Best Sound Design

Love Beyond Dreams - Harish Vaswani, Michael White

Best Visual Effects

Me&You - Haosong Xu

Best Trailer

Love Beyond Dreams - Simin Vaswani, Jeremiah Kipp

Best Original Story

The Possible Life - Jacob Seidman

Best Screenplay

Tempting Fate - Terry Luke Podnar

Best Drama Screenplay

Amentalio - Fernanda Vilela

Best Comedy Screenplay

Therapy - Bryan Whorton

Best Fantasy Screenplay

Birthright - Michael Hutchinson

Best Action Screenplay

The Sicilians - Frank Mancuso

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

The Entropy Code - Narottama Dasa Panitz

Best First Time Screenwriter

Malgo - Chara Kourlessi

Best Television Script

Inhopspitable Takeover - Michael Hutchinson

Special Jury Award

Letters to a Young Woman - Jhenifer Emerick, Pedro Belchior Costa

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Voyeuress - Trailer


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