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20 Shorts with Elysia Rotaru

1. My all-time favorite movie: The Professional but I also love the VHS version of Alice in Wonderland.

2. A film that inspired me to become a filmmaker: I saw a suspense thriller called High Tension and loved it.

3. Best movie I've seen in 2019: John Wick 3. I mean Keanu… swoon.

4. One actor and one actress I would love to work with: Javier Bardem and Tilda Swinton.

5. A director I would love to work with: Quentin Tarantino.

6. My happy place is: Outside with Mother Nature.

7. My favorite hobby is: Gardening.

8. Most people don't know that I: Used to be a Bee Keeper and look forward to doing it again one day

9. The most challenging film I worked on: To date KILLBIRD, can’t wait for you all to see it.

10. The project(s) I'm most proud of: Dead Again In Tombstone, cause I got to the majority of my stunts, my voicework as She Hulk in Marvel’s Super Hero Adventure, what an honor to bring a voice to that iconic female Superhero, and an award winning short film I co-produced called FWD and the feature KILLBIRD.

11. Five collaborators I'd take with me to any project:

- Stephen Sawchuk - This guy is all about the film Bizzznasss. He is a showrunner, producer, writer, director and a best friend. We co-produced FWD together, and traveled North America for film festivals and he knows how to work a room, live life, harness his creativity and get it done.

- Ryan Williams - My husband and BFF for life but also a super talented actor who really knows story and how to bring something unique to each role he works on. first the He has a look that suits contemporary to period and can play a wide range of characters from creep to cop to cute boyfriend and plus he looks really good in a suit like James Bond vibes.

- Elyda Rotaru - My sister who is an amazing artist and marketing guru and always talks to me straight cheers me on and keeps me grounded and and conjure up amazing art.

- Shay Mitchell - This is a woman knows how to get it done have fun and connect with people all over she is an actress all around boss babe and one of my best friends for over 15yrs and I really want to work with her on screen someday.

- Stirling Bancroft - I have known him for a few years now and he is very talented DOP who I have worked with as an actor He is easy to work with and always has a great team and hope to have him shoot a future project Stephen and I are working on someday

12. Five filmmakers who inspire me:

13. The one person who has truly believed in me throughout my career: Well aside from my whole family (obviously), and husband Ryan Williams, it would be my one of my best friends for over 10 yrs Jessica Buxbaum, who’s been there with me and seen it all start from when I was in theater school at University to this moment going forward.

14. On set, the most important thing is: To stay hydrated and know how far the bathroom is. LOL (truth)

15. What keeps me motivated? I love working and collaborating with people and I think that’s what fuels me. Being in a creative, supportive space and just playing around finding out what magic we all bring to the project and then… let it all go as a final product out into the world, for others to enjoy.

16. A rare experience I had on set/screening: The feeling of pure joy to see the short film FWD I co-produced, with Stephen Sawchuk up on the big screen for the Toronto After Dark film festival, for our first festival screening, in a sold out theater and the audience responding to it so well. It was so exiting to hear 500 + people jump at the scary moments, laugh at the funny one and applause at the end. Like WOW, what a fun feeling, to have something you enjoyed making, resonate with others.

17. The moment I realized that filmmaking is my destiny: Well, being an actor is still a major part of the destiny but I have fallen in love with working behind the camera and hope to direct one day and it all started when I co-produced the short film FWD.

18. My next project: As an actor, I’m about to start shooting another film with the Hallmark channel and hop in the booth for more work with Paramount Network and some video games, I sadly can’t mention just yet. And Stephen and I are hoping to go into pre production on another short and a limited series.

19. If I wasn't a filmmaker, I'd probably be: A doctor, full time bee keeper or perfumer, or, maybe all three.

20. My best tip for young filmmakers: Be patient, surround yourself with great people, stay open and have fun.

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As a leading professional in her craft and a well-recognized member of the artistic community, Elysia Rotaru is an established Actor, Voiceover actor, coach, and award-winning filmmaker. She is known for her work on “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, and alongside Danny Trejo in the feature film “Dead Again in Tombstone”. Most recently she can be seen in the new feature film “Cold Pursuit” starring Liam Neeson. Elysia has lent her voice to hundreds of projects, and was the voice of the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018” and you can find her in the newly released video game “Anthem”.


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