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The Rite of Rosemary

Director: Daniel Webb   |   Thriller   |   UK   |   2015


There is a manhunt in the town of Gaunts; a woman lies dead in Harrow Woods with a very unusual wound and a dangerous man is on the loose. Jack hasn’t seen his eccentric Father in over 25 years, but when he is forced to return to the quaint little town where he was raised, the two are reunited and the secrets both have been holding onto for so long are finally revealed.


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Interview with Laszlo Barbo

It’s been almost a year since “Light Games” (in Italian: “Doppia Luce”) won the Best Thriller award at Top Shorts. Although it was an indie film, “Light Games” completely felt like a Hollywood blockbuster...



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CI: A TEDD Talkumentary

Martin Sweeney
USA, 2015

Real-life Silicon Valley innovator Michael Fertik plays Michael Fertik, a start-up superstar attempting to top his past success with a game changing TEDD talk in this satirical mockumentary concert film.

Fertik’s revelatory TEDD talk explains the concept of CI or counterintuition, a simple trick that promises to help anyone unleash their inner-innovator and disrupt their conventional lives.

Fertik’s stupefying talk is interwoven with intimate, Errol Morris-style interviews of Fertik and his real-life investors, David Cowan and Mike Maples, and remote interviews with fans attending TEDD’s annual once in a lifetime event.

Special Screening - Schedule

May 1st 

The Veteran Hour
Inspirational, USA

May 2nd

Jacob's Paradox

Thriller, USA


May 3rd

The Imaginist
Sci-Fi, Canada


May 4th


Drama, USA


May 5th

Light Games

Thriller, Italy


May 6th

Ghent in Motion

Documentary, Belgium


May 7th

Button Eyes

Drama, Brazil


May 8th

The Living Forest

Spirituality, Sweden


May 9th

Sleeping Death

Drama, Spain


May 10th

CI: A TEDD Talkumentary

Comedy, Satire, USA

Interview with David Casademunt

A year ago, while reviewing over 500 submissions from around the world, we received another short film from Spain, called "Sleeping Death" (in Spanish: La Muerte Dormida). Just a short time later, Sleeping Death was Top Shorts 2015 big winner...


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