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Top Shorts Winners - September 2022

Film of the Month

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer, Riccarda Richter

Best Narrative Film

Why Me!? - Delores M Flynn

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

In the Middle of God - Part II - Jorge Ospina

Best Indie Film

Safe Harbor - Daniel Ståhl

Best Drama

In Peace - Zahir Rashed

Best Comedy

Gone Missin' - Josh Morton

Best Experimental Film

Reflection - Lex Harold

Best Fantasy Film

Wanderer - James Huynh

Best Dark Comedy

Beep - Allan Plenderleith

Best LGBTQ Film

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer, Riccarda Richter

Best Web/TV Pilot

Future Dictator - Lucas Shim, Brad Tryon

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Pilot

What Sadie Saw - Christopher Villiers, Georgia Slowe, Alistair Barrie

Best Documentary

The Race Epidemic - Tony Shyu

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Long Road to Cariboo - Richard Thomas Wright

Best Animation

Sleepless Beauty - Gog Mkrtchyan

Honorable Mention: Animation

History of the Music Hall - Tim Eric Wilson

Best Music Video

Electric Eyes - Zofia Hame, Homayoon Marcus Hame

Best Student Film

To The Youngest Soul - Yining Cao

Honorable Mention: Student Film

ʻĀina Momona (Abundant Land) - That Which Feeds Us - Emmanuella Marcil

Best Microfilm

The Five Stages of Grief - Adler James Tuck

Best Director

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer

Honorable Mention: Director

The Secret Weapon: Yesterday IS Today - Ken Sagoes

Best First Time Director

Reflection - Lex Harold

Best Young Filmmaker

Doubt the Stars are Fire - Jaemin Feldman

Best Actor

Beep - Grahame Fox

Best Actress

My Girlfriend's Family - Riccarda Richter

Best Supporting Actor

My Girlfriend's Family - Johannes Stelzhammer

Best Supporting Actress

Flowers - Janet Elkin

Best Young Actress

Doubt the Stars are Fire - Eva LaFond

Best Duo