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Top Shorts Winners - September 2022

Film of the Month

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer, Riccarda Richter

Best Narrative Film

Why Me!? - Delores M Flynn

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

In the Middle of God - Part II - Jorge Ospina

Best Indie Film

Safe Harbor - Daniel Ståhl

Best Drama

In Peace - Zahir Rashed

Best Comedy

Gone Missin' - Josh Morton

Best Experimental Film

Reflection - Lex Harold

Best Fantasy Film

Wanderer - James Huynh

Best Dark Comedy

Beep - Allan Plenderleith

Best LGBTQ Film

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer, Riccarda Richter

Best Web/TV Pilot

Future Dictator - Lucas Shim, Brad Tryon

Honorable Mention: Web/TV Pilot

What Sadie Saw - Christopher Villiers, Georgia Slowe, Alistair Barrie

Best Documentary

The Race Epidemic - Tony Shyu

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Long Road to Cariboo - Richard Thomas Wright

Best Animation

Sleepless Beauty - Gog Mkrtchyan

Honorable Mention: Animation

History of the Music Hall - Tim Eric Wilson

Best Music Video

Electric Eyes - Zofia Hame, Homayoon Marcus Hame

Best Student Film

To The Youngest Soul - Yining Cao

Honorable Mention: Student Film

ʻĀina Momona (Abundant Land) - That Which Feeds Us - Emmanuella Marcil

Best Microfilm

The Five Stages of Grief - Adler James Tuck

Best Director

My Girlfriend's Family - Kimberly Schäfer

Honorable Mention: Director

The Secret Weapon: Yesterday IS Today - Ken Sagoes

Best First Time Director

Reflection - Lex Harold

Best Young Filmmaker

Doubt the Stars are Fire - Jaemin Feldman

Best Actor

Beep - Grahame Fox

Best Actress

My Girlfriend's Family - Riccarda Richter

Best Supporting Actor

My Girlfriend's Family - Johannes Stelzhammer

Best Supporting Actress

Flowers - Janet Elkin

Best Young Actress

Doubt the Stars are Fire - Eva LaFond

Best Duo

Safe Harbor - Mimmi Kandler & Johanna Smitz

Best Ensemble

The Secret Weapon: Yesterday IS Today - Roy Williams, Jr., Phrederic Semaj, Melvin Ward,

Havon Baraka, Paul Buxton, Victoria Ogbonna, Kennedy Porter, Francis C. Edemobi, Nicholas Heard, Andre Tucker Jr., Shea Boatswain, Coco Atama, Vincent Doud, Matthieu Jean-Pierre, Richard Whitney Gardenhire Jr., Blake Alexus, Jovon Henry, Geramy Dixon, Isaiah Harris, Jonathan Maduike, Tony Nevada, Ronan Barbour, Gregory Pekar, James Nevada, Christopher Ross Martin, Michael Polak, Todd Anthony, Robert Maffia

Best Score

Electric Eyes - Zofia Hame, Homayoon Marcus Hame

Best Screenplay

The Favela Kid - Alex Martins

Honorable Mention: Screenplay

CandyByte - Diana Foronda

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Hybrids - Robert Kouba

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Terra Sancta - Trailer


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