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Top Shorts Winners - October 2021

Film of the Month

Journey Home - Christopher Houlston

Best Narrative Film

Journey Home - Christopher Houlston

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

Speak - Robin Hofmann

Best Indie Film

Time Traveler - Jeffrey Israelson, Steven Israelson

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Equus Landing - John Mannion

Best Drama

Journey Home - Christopher Houlston

Honorable Mention: Drama

Alice Memorial Park - Ritendra Datta

Best Thriller

Conflicted - Samuel Vincent Diggs

Honorable Mention: Thriller

Stay Inside - Jacob Paul

Best Horror

Volatility - Jason Winn

Best Sci-Fi

Evil Professor - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Experimental Film

It's Only the End of the World - Brooks Wieszczek

Best Inspirational Film

SARA'S Journey - Pavel Vogler, Sara Vogler

Best Mystery Film

Closure - Ziv Sheffer

Best Dark Comedy

Gift of Peace - Emily Rued

Best Crime Film

Jesters Paradise - Sadi Eliyesil

Best LGBTQ Film

Spin - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Best Web Series

The Off Beat with Lachi - Lachi

Honorable Mention: Web Series

Ten Points of Joy - Bill G Morris

Best Documentary

The Silent Stage - Uğur Evin

Honorable Mention: Documentary

The Pigeon Lady - Giulia Brazzale

Best Animation

Giselle - Emmanuel Shiu

Honorable Mention: Animation

Trick or Treat, Alistair Gray - Lindy Ryan, Timea Gazdag, Dan Walters

Best Music Video

Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Chants of Awakening - Jolein Kirpenstein, Dimitri D. Kwenda

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Evil Professor - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Student Film

Outside The Consulting Room - Fangming Liu

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Perfect-Fit - Landen Erickson

Best Microfilm

Moon Knight - Akshay Tiwari

Best Director

Spin - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Honorable Mention: Director

Speak - Robin Hofmann

Best First Time Director

Journey Home - Christopher Houlston

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Two Weeks to Slow the Spread - Wesley Mullins

Best Indie Filmmaker

Mute - The loudest Silence - Sapan Bamrah

Best Young Filmmaker

When I Met Mia - Merivelle Hannah

Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker

Homemade - Henry Joseph Roth

Best Actor

Journey Home - Mike Bodie

Honorable Mention: Actor

Conflicted - Curtis Caldwell

Best Actress

Journey Home - Jennifer Martin

Honorable Mention: Actress

Volatility - Katie Kay

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Time Traveler - Jeffrey Israelson

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Equus Landing - Katie Lundi

Best Supporting Actor

Journey Home - Alex Good

Best Young Actor

Into the Fog - Connor Laidman

Best Young Actress

Speak - Trinity Soos

Best Child Actor

Li - Eric Chang

Best Child Actress

Mute - The loudest Silence - Sierra Papps

Best Duo

Journey Home - Mike Bodie & Jennifer Martin

Honorable Mention: Duo

Spin - Courtney St. Gelais & Sierra Berkeley Fisher

Best Ensemble

Into the Fog - Christopher Jones, Connor Laidman, Victoria

Kucher, Rebecca Nathan, Natasha Nathan

Honorable Mention: Ensemble

Small and Mighty - Brian Neal, Mellitta McKethan, T.C. Caldwell, D.A. Manson, Sterling Calhoun, Diana Christine Guzman, KerryAnn McKenna, Tameeka Cooper, Diannique Guzman, Sienna Brandon-Gomez

Best Cinematography

Journey Home - Edward Massey

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

Spin - David Ruzicka

Best Editing

Spin - David Shaw, Lea Marie Heller

Honorable Mention: Editing

They Are Fine - Carlos Martinez

Best Score

Journey Home - Stewart Dugdale

Honorable Mention: Score

Time Traveler - Richie Kohan

Best Sound Design

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Best Song

Evil Professor - Ron Josef Danziger, Christina Teenz Tan

Best Visual Effects

Jesters Paradise - Slava Denisov

Best Commercial/Promotional Video

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Honorable Mention: Commercial/Promotional Video

Retica - Carlo De Agostini

Best Original Story

Dark - Kevin Overton

Honorable Mention: Original Story

Maria - Thaer Alakel

Best Screenplay

Hope's Ravens - Catherine Schandl

Best Drama Screenplay

Hope's Ravens - Catherine Schandl

Honorable Mention: Drama Screenplay

Still Born - Torin Penwell

Best Horror Screenplay

The Boy Beneath The Silver Pines - Cara Marie Reinard

Best Fantasy Screenplay

Legends - Danny Alex

Best Thriller Screenplay

Lemonade - Christina Brandon-Gómez

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Conscious - Hannah Crystal Ramirez

Best First Time Screenwriter

The Asking - Dorothy Eno Akpabio-Okung

Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter

First-Rate - Khaled Sultan

Best Television Script

Hoodz - Christina Brandon-Gómez

Special Jury Award

Shalloween - Giorge Souladze

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