Top Shorts 2019: The Annual Nominees

The 5th annual Top Shorts nominations have just been announced, and over 200 films and screenplays are in the run for an annual award, in 45 categories overall.

Here are the 33 films that earned most nominations this year.


Director: Hugo Diego Garcia

9 nominations

In 80's France, Tony, a young third-generation Spaniard immigrant, a rebel with a heart of gold, fights for a life that he desires despite an abusive and violent father controlling his every move while bonding with a group of reckless immigrants outcasts from the street in whom he sees a family. However, the path he takes only leads to a dark and uncertain future.


Writer: Matias Caruso

Director: Al Lougher

8 nominations

A grieving mother latches on to a magical surrogate for her lost child. But small miracles come with big consequences.