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Top Shorts Winners - May 2021

Film of the Month

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Best Narrative Film

Conscription - Zach Beckstrand

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

Kato - Julius Wiege

Best Indie Film

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

At the Hairdresser's - Jay Notley, David Cornwall

Best Drama

The Stranger - Kurt Hale

Best Comedy

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Best Horror

Bloody Mary - Shreco Bakari

Best Experimental Film

Never Die - Xue Song

Best Inspirational Film

Sebastian and Max's Grand Canyon Adventure - Max King

Best Dark Comedy

The Day the Sky Fell - Karina Yager

Best Musical/Dance Film

Kintsugi - Justine Kaneda

Best Film Noir

One Night Noir - Ernie Berger

Best Web/TV Pilot

Audition - Cosimo Tucci

Best Documentary

J. S. BACH - An Endless Journey - Alexandre Ritter

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Far From Home: The Steve Dalkowski Story - Tom Chiappetta

Best Animation

The Sky Below - Charlie Rose

Honorable Mention: Animation

Welcome Home - Dana Crypto

Best Music Video

Shame - Marianne Bernhard

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Adirondack - Jonathan Sprout

Best Student Film

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Conscription - Zach Beckstrand

Best Microfilm

House Troll Halloween - Kanja Chen

Best Director

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Best First Time Director

Dahlia White - Alison Moir

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Window - Hunter Hawkins

Best Indie Filmmaker

Barry - Alexander Henninger

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

My Brother's Keeper - Quaz Degraft, Rich Adofo

Best Young Filmmaker

What If - Hao Zhenjia