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Top Shorts Winners - March 2022

Film of the Month

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Best Narrative Film

A Stranger at the Funeral - Ana Maria Estrada

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

Ten Essentials - Travis Greene

Best Indie Film

Come Back - Yulian Mateo, Adam Race

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

1 - Paul C Babin, Heather McPhaul

Best Drama

Horseback - Shu Ya

Best Comedy

Servants - Desmond Hayes, Sarah Tither-Kaplan

Best Experimental Film

Queen Mab - Elizabeth Quilter

Best Inspirational Film

One - Ray DeRoyce Sharp

Best Fantasy Film

The Lady of the House of Love - Selena Xin Jin

Best Parody

Cook's Counter: Frat Bro - Ken Rudnick

Best Dark Comedy

A Stranger at the Funeral - Ana Maria Estrada

Best Musical/Dance Film

Blue Delusion - Fang Guan, Yue Jia Yu

Best Web/TV Pilot

Coffee Talk - Ya-Chuan Hsiao

Best Web Series

It's Daisy May - Candice Palladino

Best Documentary

Kara - Star Of The World - Daniel Mark Bedell

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Cloud of Witnesses - Kevin Strickland, Linda Parisi

Best Animation

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Honorable Mention: Animation

ArtMinute1 – The Perfect Selfie - Asta Wellejus, Teddy Kristiansen

Best Music Video

Your Limbs - Curtis Kemal Nance

Honorable Mention: Music Video

She’s An Instagram Model (Kazakh Version) - Keith Orlando Harris

Best Student Film

Shape of the Past - Jean-Baptiste Hansali

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Her Eyes are Flaming Holes - Tianjing Kiki Yuan

Best Microfilm

Infinite Sandwich - Ramsey Haefner

Best Director

Horseback - Shu Ya

Honorable Mention: Director

Rocket Dreams: The Story of Sandrock Gaming - Jared Zook

Best First Time Director

A History of Violence in the Northeast - Yong Wang

Best Indie Filmmaker

Real Connections - Seda Anbarci

Best Young Filmmaker

The Proposal - Karen Han

Best Actor