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Top Shorts Winners - June 2022

Film of the Month

Aping Edwin Porter - James O'Donnell

Best Narrative Film

Aping Edwin Porter - James O'Donnell

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

The Cruelty Of Nature - Eoin Bourke

Best Indie Film

Luminous - Joseph Anthony Marcello

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Blue Hour - Alexandra Redwood

Best Drama

No Good Deed - Sotiris Demba

Best Comedy

Aping Edwin Porter - James O'Donnell

Best Thriller

The Washer - Xiao Chen

Best Sci-Fi

Ship of Theseus - Yiqing Gu

Best Experimental Film

Push - Jasmine Quiñones

Best Inspirational Film

Are you feeling better - Agree Ye

Best Mystery Film

Writers Block - Jake Francis

Best Crime Film

No Pain No Amor - Daniel Locicero

Best Musical/Dance Film

Between Here and Gone - Iván Gisbert, Sadie Duarte

Best Film Noir

Murder in Monte Nido - Bonnie Foster

Best Web/TV Pilot

Journalism 101 - Michael Lopez

Best Music Video

Övergivenheten - Hanna Oldenburg, Johan Kuurne

Best Student Film

PSEUDEA - Ani Stein

Honorable Mention: Student Film

The Plan - Zaknafein Luken

Best Director

The Washer - Xiao Chen

Honorable Mention: Director

PSEUDEA - Ani Stein

Best First Time Director

Aping Edwin Porter - James O'Donnell

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

SIFU the Revenge - Benjamin Colussi

Best Actor

The Cruelty Of Nature - Eoin Bourke

Honorable Mention: Actor

For I Am Dead - Al Nazemian

Best Actress

Ship of Theseus - Wenjun Cai

Honorable Mention: Actress

Murder in Monte Nido - Lotus Bech

Best Cinematography

Ship of Theseus - WenJun Pan

Best Editing

The Washer - Xiao Chen

Best Visual Effects

PSEUDEA - Samantha Doria

Best Commercial/Promotional Video

Fire on Tire - Royal Ismayilov

Best Original Story

PSEUDEA - Chelsea Columbus

Best Screenplay

Scratch Off - Gary Giudice

Best Drama Screenplay

PSEUDEA - Chelsea Columbus, Ethelle O’Mara

Best Comedy Screenplay


Best First Time Screenwriter

A Night In - Eduardo Olmos, Connor Tyler Gray

Special Jury Award

Dance for Me - Robin Hofmann

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