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Top Shorts Winners - July 2023

Film of the Month

Dive Into the Blue - Ge Gao

Best Narrative Film

Dive Into the Blue - Ge Gao

Best Indie Film

We Love You Ray - John Hays

Best Drama

Dive Into the Blue - Ge Gao

Best Comedy

We Love You Ray - John Hays

Best Sci-Fi

Made in Technicolor - Millie Cupp

Best Experimental Film

Merano goes on stage - Carlo Guttadauro

Best Inspirational Film

Make a Mark - Susan Mangiero

Best Dark Comedy

Parabens - Michael Bukovanský

Best Crime Film

The Last Target - Matthew Kui

Best Web/TV Pilot

Heroes - Roberto Sanchez

Best Documentary

Woman, Life, Freedom - Auctus Productions

Best Animation

Dog Days - Hailey Bair

Best Music Video

To all the Gabbys in the World - Darla Z, Rick Walker

Best Student Film

Retrospection - Joe Garcia

Best Director

Jet Lag - Sergey Khromykh

Best First Time Director

Sifter - Shalini Bathina

Best Actor

The Last Target - Noel Baterna

Best Actress

Dive Into the Blue - Angela Lin

Best Young Actress

52Hz - Carina Yang

Best Duo

The Last Target - Noel Baterna & Alexander Nunn

Best Cinematography

The Last Target - Andrew Yang

Best Editing

The Last Target - Sergy Olkowski

Best Visual Effects

The Last Target - Scott McIntosh

Best Original Story

Denial - Simmer Bhatia

Best Screenplay

13 Steps - Loren Davis

Best Drama Screenplay

Second Chance - Lisa Peng

Best Thriller Screenplay

Murder By Midnight - Vincent Edwards

Best First Time Screenwriter

Salvation - Jiaoyi (Joy) Li

Special Jury Award

As One - Haihan Chen

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Parabens Trailer


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