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Top Shorts Winners - January 2023

Film of the Month

Judas by the Sea - Hao Wu

Best Narrative Film

Judas by the Sea - Hao Wu

Best Indie Film

Instincts - Israa Al-Kamali

Best Drama

Lovelots - Jennifer Maliwanag

Best Comedy

Perspectives - Veronica Nichols

Best Horror

Scratch - Michael Trainotti

Best Sci-Fi

tRuth - Sylvie Zaidman, Nic Shake

Best Inspirational Film

Lovelots - Jennifer Maliwanag

Best Parody

ALMOST Home Alone - Lisa Marie Tedesco, Johnny Kraszewski

Best Romantic Comedy

Vegas Is Calling - Chad Ridgely, Maggi Mayfield

Best LGBTQ Film

Folded Whispers - Mark Anthony Thomas

Best Musical/Dance Film

Destiny -from the musical "This is Love" - AKISAI M

Best Web Series

The Black Man's Guide To World Travel - Medellin Colombia - Marques Wilson

Best Documentary

The Poison Garden - Chris James Mancini

Best Animation

Fugitive - Adis Kutkut

Best Music Video

Unsteady - Mike Cerisano, Arielle Murphy

Best Student Film

Lost Mother - Zelong Liu

Best Microfilm

Mazda CX-60 The power of Authenticity - Theodore Tzartos

Best First Time Director

Perspectives - Veronica Nichols

Best Actor

Scratch - Brian Palatucci

Best Actress

In The Between - Gina Vitori

Best Duo

ALMOST Home Alone - Mike Alves & Tim Eager

Best Song

In The Between - The Sun Is Rising (Soon) - Lauren Culjak

Best Commercial

ALMOST Home Alone - Lisa Marie Tedesco, Johnny Kraszewski

Best Original Story

In The Between - Dublin Wahlberg

Best Screenplay

Happy Life - Kelly Jean Karam

Best First Time Screenwriter

Transgression - Egor Vadimovich Pogodin

Best Television Script

Even Keel - Jeff Gendelman

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