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Top Shorts Winners - January 2021

Film of the Month

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

Best Narrative Film

Dress - Paulina Lagudi Ulrich

Honorable Mention: Narrative Film

The Counterfeit Mind - Malek Haneen

Best Indie Film

Pebbles - Renee Bourke

Honorable Mention: Indie Film

Smoking Women - Lubang Xie

Best Drama

Shevolution - Seidy Lopez

Best Comedy

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

Best Thriller

A Bullet For Your Thoughts - Doug Williams

Best Sci-Fi

The Counterfeit Mind - Malek Haneen

Best Inspirational Film

Looking Through the Trees - Justin Morfin

Best Dark Comedy

Wichita - Sergine Dumais

Best Western

Saving Grayson - Breck Cuddy

Best Web/TV Pilot

Wisecrackin - Angie McMahon

Best Documentary

She Saved Me - Felicia Gonzalez Brown

Best Music Video

Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer) - Philippe Funk

Honorable Mention: Music Video

Dreams - Todd Lien, Justin Zhang

Best Student Film

Mama - Delores M. Flynn

Honorable Mention: Student Film

She's Not Alone - Jessica N. Todmann

Best Microfilm

The Game - Tim Moldenhauer

Best Director

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

Honorable Mention: Director

Dress - Paulina Lagudi Ulrich

Best First Time Director

Wichita - Sergine Dumais

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Palm Sunday - Cecilia Choi

Best Indie Filmmaker

With New Eyes - George Leontakianakos

Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker

The Color of Hate - Delores M. Flynn

Best Young Filmmaker

Crisis In The City By The Bay - Vishal Krishnaiah

Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker

The Waiting Room - Ella Jerrier

Best Actor

Until - Kevin Bacon

Honorable Mention: Actor

Shadow Valley - David Samson

Best Actress

Shevolution - Minerva Vier

Honorable Mention: Actress

Wichita - Maxim Roy

Best Child Actress

Pebbles - Yasmin Polley

Best Duo

Dress - Tess Sullivan & Madeline Dennison

Best Ensemble

Pretty Metal - Angela Cole, Lina Edwards, Katelynn Newberry

Best Cinematography

Mary Mary Quite Contrary - TinNgai Chan

Honorable Mention: Cinematography

Wichita - Serge Desrosiers, CSC

Best Editing

Shevolution - Jeff Mizushima

Honorable Mention: Editing

Inn Communication - Skylar V. Smith

Best Score

Moving Art: Underwater - Alan Williams

Honorable Mention: Score

Pretty Metal - Eli Manos

Best Sound Design

Pretty Metal - Henri Rapp

Honorable Mention: Sound Design

Until - Rich Macar

Best Original Story

Wichita - Bo Price

Honorable Mention: Original Story

Until - Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon

Best Screenplay

Motor Inn - Michael Hurley

Best Drama Screenplay

After This - Kaitlyn Clare

Best Comedy Screenplay

Meet The Girl - Dennis Ricks

Best Thriller Screenplay

The Gospel Of A Killer - Vincent Edwards

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

A Distant Shore - T.J. Barkwill

Best First Time Screenwriter

Father Deerest - Samuel Perrone

Best Television Script

Reaper Mom - Ben Patrick Yates

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Pretty Metal - Trailer


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