"Knowing that we created a positive environment on set is really important to me"

Brian McWha is a Vancouver based filmmaker who has started his filmmaking journey three years ago. Working his way up from production assistant and location manager to screenwriter & director, Brian treats every crew member equally ("No matter what the job title is, your job is crucial to the filmmaking process").

Brian's directorial debut, "Beautiful Cake" is a short horror film about two high school students who sneak into the seemingly abandoned mansion of the neighborhood legend 'Donny'. Believing him to be gone or even dead, they soon find that he is very much alive when he locks them in his basement.

"Beautiful Cake" is nominated for 3 awards at Top Shorts, including Best Narrative Film, Best First Time Director and Best Supporting Actress (Morgan Galavan).

We asked Brian to join us for an interview, and met a hard working artist who has been working non-stop on scripts, editing, and meetings ("I think there are a ton of filmmakers that are far more talented then me, so I need outwork them if I am going to get the same opportunities").

Brian, thanks for being with us today! Could you share a bit about your background, how did you get involved in filmmaking?

I’ve only been involved in the Film Industry for about 3 years. I started as a Production Assistant and worked my way up. I have always enjoyed the whole filmmaking process and wanted to be involved in the creative aspect, so I started to direct.

What do you like about the Vancouver indie scene?

it is amazing. It is this perfect mix of young crew that want to learn and grow their craft, with experienced union filmmakers that just want to create good content with the freedom that goes with indie films.

Congratulations on your triple nomination with Beautiful Cake: Best Narrative Film, Best First Time Director and Best Supporting Actress. Tell us how it all began... How did you meet your co-writer, Alisha Bourassa, and how did you come up with the screenplay?

Like all good stories, it began with having a drink at the bar. Someone made a comment, and I said that it would make a great horror movie. After a few more drinks I decided to write the story. A friend introduced me to Alisha, who came on to help clean up the script. She was instrumental in making it have good feel.