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Top Shorts Winners - August 2022

Film of the Month

Seashell - Dannon Wu

Best Narrative Film

Whirlwind - Rodrigo Fonseca, Cavi Borges

Best Indie Film

In the Spotlight - Jessica Qinyue Luo

Best Drama

Peace in Patience - Sanmi Oguntunde, Timi Oyelude

Best Sci-Fi

CORE - Soo-min Song, Young-chan Kim, Do-hun Lee

Best Experimental Film

ADULTS - Alberto Martín-Aragón

Best Inspirational Film

The Beach - Caitlin Patricia Weiler, Peter Soby, Matthew S. Robinson

Best Documentary

The Colours of Life - Daniel Stanislawski

Honorable Mention: Documentary

Stage Ready - Ethan Quant

Best Animation

JOY - Chongjia Zhang, Yining Dang, Shan Dora Huang

Honorable Mention: Animation

Hey Toby Hey Owen: This is Not Sponsored by Valvoline - Owen Dennis

Best Music Video

God Particle Apocalypse - Quantum Cadet

Best Student Film

Wild Rose - Hannsue

Honorable Mention: Student Film

Escaping the Past - Alexander Ratter

Best Director

One Day Back Home - Ruijing Chen

Honorable Mention: Director

Nest - Todd Lien

Best First Time Director

Seashell - Dannon Wu

Honorable Mention: First Time Director

Double Exposure - Long Siying

Best Indie Filmmaker

In the Spotlight - Jessica Qinyue Luo

Best Actor

Rotte - Keli Stilian

Best Actress

Seashell - Crystal Heo

Best Actor in an Indie Film

Peace in Patience - Sanmi Oguntunde

Best Supporting Actor

Nest - Jason Sun

Best Young Actress

Nest - Nicole Braeger

Best Child Actor

Nest - Sean Hoover

Best Child Actress

No Last Words - Thalia Anne Oliver

Best Cinematography

Nest - Yifu Li

Best Editing

Seashell - Kyle Altus

Best Score

Seashell - Pierre Gildenhuys

Best Trailer

Peace in Patience - Sanmi Oguntunde, Timi Oyelude

Best Original Story

Peace in Patience - Sanmi Oguntunde

Best Screenplay

The Private Sector - Benjamin King

Best First Time Screenwriter

The Truth About Kindergarten - Thalia Anne Oliver

Best Television Script

New Olympus - Matthew Nicholson

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Terra Sancta - Trailer


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