I made and produced documentary films for over twenty years without ever thinking about making a Fiction Film until the day I had to deal with what happens to a lot of couples today.

After 22 years my family broke up and I had the impression that the world was collapsing around me.

After this breakup, I stopped all my professional activities and started to write like crazy. I felt so bad. One of my friends, a screenwriting took the time to listen to me with the patience of a psychologist, day after day, to try to help me exorcise all the anger I was containing.

I was telling strories and he was listening tirelessly. Finally, we ended up rewritting the text together.

I would like to take the opportunity to deeply thank him for his patience, friendship and his engagement.

In the course of 2015 and 2016, for more than a year, I wrote three screenplays in collaboration with him : “Alzhaïmour” (Short Film), “Caballo Loco” (Short Film) and “As a horse in winter (Feature Fim).

Alzhaïmour - Official Trailer

“Alzhaïmour” was the first story that came to my mind. It is evident that the emotional context, I was facing, is at the origin of the story. When a couple separates sudently and definitively, does it means that all traces of Love have disappeared? Is there nothing left?

My intend was to try to explain that even if two persons who have loved each other do not remember each other, whatever happens, even if they become amnesiacs, the Love that has unified them at one point of time remains printed in their DNA. By choosing a film about Alzheimer's disease I have tried to demonstrate it but wanted to present it in a poetic and not dramatic way.

It is, of course, an idealistic vision of Love. I know this vision may seem naïve but all what remained to me was my faith in what has always been my drive : the trust in the power of Love.