The journey of my film ‘Solo’

The creation of ‘Solo’

I have always been fascinated by the vast ocean of space and what we as a human race have explored.

After the launching of NASA’s unmanned spacecraft, Cassini. I have kept a close eye on the mission ever since. What they have discovered and continue to discover is quite something, but in particular what grabbed my attention the most was a moon called, Titan, which orbits Saturn.

Although in habitable for a human, the moon is going through the same evolutionary stages as Earth. Not to bore you with all the details, I read an article that NASA may send another spacecraft to this moon. I thought I would take that idea and work with it.

It is unknown whether or not that the craft NASA intend to send will be manned, but in my version it is.

Solo - Official Trailer

The script and story

It was very clear to me from the beginning which direction I wanted to take the story. I didn’t want to fall into the realms of unrealistic space exploration. I wanted this mission to believable in today’s space travel.

Astronauts themselves sacrifice a huge amount for the benefit of humanity. I wanted to tell the story of a happily married couple who are going through this journey together. He of course floating in space and she at home expecting a child.

I wanted from the word go for the story to be a guilt ridden, emotional trip rather than the mission of a lifetime.

Cassini itself took six and half years to get to Titan. So in this version of my story I needed a young character who would be suitable for the mission to go on a fifteen year round trip.

My original idea was simple, tell the story of the relationship between him and his family through space travel, so it was important for me to not go overboard on the drama and make it unbelievable. I really wanted the audience to get lost in their situation, so the dialogue for me was really important as it was minimal action scene.

The production

Solo was a rollercoaster ride to begin with. Rejections from production companies, unknown actors thinking they are too big for the roles etc. So I took all that was said to me and turned it into something positive, so I went ahead and produced it myself.