As a film maker, I work to create movies that matter and which have a meaning. I have done movies in many genres, from thriller to poetic love stories, from comedy to drama and criminal to spirituality. But my main focus has been on creating movies that have a message.

I also strive to create feel good movies either in the form of a comedy that makes you happy, or love story that makes you feel what it’s like to be in love or, spirituality that makes you to feel closer to yourself and nature to create a sense of calmness.

The Living Forest is one of those movies that deals with spirituality. It’s a movie about the inner journey to find ourselves; the most challenging thing for a human in life is to know himself. We are mostly afraid of ourselves and try to ignore our own being. But this is our biggest mistake. As long as we don’t know who we really are, what´s our purpose in life? How powerful we are? And finally what’s our connection to nature? We will always remain incomplete. And when we are incomplete, we will never be happy and that creates a lot of uncertainty and concern in our lives.

The Living Forest is also supports the famous quote from Gandy who says, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." All changes start from the inside and spreads out into the world. This is a movie about the transformations of both humans and planet earth, at a time where humanity has reached the highlight of its destruction of mother earth. The time where the spirit of mother earth tells us to STOP. Now it’s time for humanity to wake up and reacquire the forgotten knowledge from our past and take action to save the world before it’s too late. Mother earth is calling all of us!


In “The Living Forest,” I had a film crew of different ages and backgrounds; in addition, most of the film crew were inexperienced or first or second timers.. In the beginning, many of them had almost no idea what film processing is really like. . In most of cases, when you have so many inexperienced people involved in the making of a film, it turns into a disaster. Because many can get nervous or tired and on the next day they will never come back.