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A year ago, while reviewing over 500 submissions from around the world, we received another short film from Spain, called "Sleeping Death" (in Spanish: La Muerte Dormida). Just a short time later, Sleeping Death was Top Shorts 2015 big winner, with 3 awards: Best Director (David Casademunt), Honorable Mention - Actress (Mireia Vilapuig) and most important - the BEST OF FEST award.

David, last year was magical for you. What did it feel like winning the Best of Fest award at Top Shorts?

When I received the news about the win of “Sleeping Death” I was astonished. Best of Fest! My God! Unbelievable. It’s strange but fascinating that your work could touch people from any point on the planet.

One of the things that all of the judging team agreed on, is that “Sleeping Death” was one of the most touching films we’ve ever seen. How did you get the idea for the film? Was it based on a true story?

I lived illness and death inside my family during my adolescence. I wanted to tell a story changing the ending of what I lived. I think this short film is like an exorcism of deep and hidden feelings.

Maybe the film’s biggest achievement is the outstanding performances of the main actresses, Mireia Vilapuig and Irene Quero. While it’s usually harder to direct younger actors, their relationship on screen felt totally realistic. What was it like working with them?

It wasn’t easy. Mireia Vilapuig is a well-known actress here in Spain, and when I knew she would be playing Silvia’s role I breathed. I needed a big and strong actress in the leading role to help me with the little one. Irene was 6 year’s old when we made “Sleeping Death”! I also had a coach’s help. Working the four together was the key for achieving the bond between sisters.

As an indie filmmaker, you must be dealing with many obstacles. How do you manage to make the film you want with low budget?

With a lot of patience and faith. “Sleeping Death” says that you must have faith even when things are deeply dark. I truly believe in that. During the shooting process we lived a lot of hard moments and as a producer and director I had to encourage my team.

Can you think of three tips for indie filmmakers, based on your experience?

1. Take care of your team. It’s probably the most important thing of all. If they feel comfortable with you they will be at your side during the difficulties.

2. Don’t resign yourself. Look for absolute excellence.

3. Save more money than the budget you have… Shit happens.

Are you working on a new project?

Yes. I’m pre-producing a feature film that I hope you can see sometime soon.

Sleeping Death is Top Shorts 2016 Special Screening, and will be available to watch online on May 9th, 2016 at

Watch Sleeping Death - Official Trailer

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