It’s been almost a year since “Light Games” (in Italian: “Doppia Luce”) won the Best Thriller award at Top Shorts. Although it was an indie film, “Light Games” completely felt like a Hollywood blockbuster.

The outstanding performances of the main actors have also given Angie Alexander the Best Actress award, and made “Light Games” one of those films you just won’t forget.

We talked with “Light Games’” director, Laszlo Barbo, and tried to find out what drives him as an indie filmmaker, what it was like working on this film and what advice he has for indie filmmakers.

Laszlo, congratulations again! Let’s go back a year ago, when your film was selected as the Best Thriller winner.

First, thriller is probably my favorite genre. Knowing that an important contest like Top Shorts has selected our film as the Best Thriller winner, made me very happy. It was also selected by the audience, so it means that we followed the rules of the genre and touched the viewers’ hearts. It was a great honor for us.

Where did the idea for Light Games come from?

The idea for “Doppia Luce” came to me when I was attending a directing course in Los Angeles back in 2001. I remember that day; I met a negative person and spent a long time with him. At the end of the day I was exhausted. Then I began studying and realized that everything is energy, vibration, and that for every force exists one equal and opposite strength. I thought to myself, what if somebody could see a material representation of that negativity? Francesca and her gift are the example of how you can turn something negative into a positive.