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GUESS WHO RULES THE WORLD | Thomas Kaufmann, Michael Mehring

Alekto is a science fiction short film which invokes questions about conspiracy theories and the entire evolution of man. An earthling is kidnapped into space, discovering parallel dimensions that she could have never imagined.

It was a big pleasure to shoot these fantastic scenes from outer space on our planet for Alekto. To create such scenery was a delightful challenge. The work with the actors was an interesting procedure, how they gave life to an idea and written lines. They exceeded our imagination. Also the cooperation with the crew was inspiring, as every person of every department gave their inputs and helped construct the movie into a bigger thing. I am very happy with what we created.

Written by Thomas Kaufmann, Director of Alekto.

From the perspective of the producer the biggest challange was to keep budget and schedule on track, while in preproduction phase tons of new ideas and details came from all the creative crew members. We had planned 5 days of shooting and most of the scenes was outdoor. You have to know Switzerland doesn’t have 300 sunny days a year like LA. The weather can change within a hour from sunshine to rain and back. But the weather gods were gracious to us and we had perfect conditions.

Of course not everything was working without problems: I remember the blood, sweat and tears the evening before we shot the scenes with the BTU/coffin, whose inner linings were broken while testing the door mechanism and we had to figure out an alternative from the hardware store at the last second. But all in all the entire production went without major disasters, no actor fell from his horse, we lost no extras and had excellent catering. It is always like a little miracle, if at the end all the parts come perfectly together and you hold the finished movie in your hands.

Written by Michael Mehring, Writer and Producer of Alekto.

* Until today Alekto runs at 32 Film Festivals and won 8 Awards. The production budget was about 70K$ and was being supported by more than 100 people who are offering their energy, time and creativity to make this an outstanding project.

Watch the official trailer:

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