There’s an old saying that goes: you’re only ever as good as the people you work with. That’s certainly true, but in my experience those words multiply in value when you’re talking about working in the area of low-to-no budget filmmaking.

I’d already had a glimpse of this with my first short film, The Appraisal. On that shoot - with just one room, three actors, two crewmembers and their trusty iPhone 4S’s at our disposal – a hard working company managed to transcend limitations of both time and (no) money to turn out an entertaining genre short.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 21.39.34.png

Pleased with the reaction and response to that film I started wondering about what to do next. Again, time and lack of budget would be a problem, but if you picked the right collaborators…well, surely anything was possible?

Unusually it started with the cast. I’d worked with my leading man David Knox-Williams on a number of occasions and we’d been talking about getting something off the ground together for years.

The Appraisal – on which David served as co-producer – was the first time we’d actually put our (lack of) money where our mouths were and, while stressful, we’d loved every minute of the experience. Little did we know that during the prep for that shoot we’d just met our fellow future co-producer.