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Film of the Month
Jane Doe
Brett Rickaby
Best Narrative Film
Jane Doe
Brett Rickaby
Honorable Mention: Narrative Film
Nora Jaenicke
Best Indie Film
Daniel Lares, Virginia Gonzalez-Pino
Honorable Mention: Indie Film
5 Rules of Kizomba
Sergey Khromykh
Best Drama
The Drone Over Corn Fields
Chuanfa Wan
Honorable Mention: Drama
Theo Francocci
Best Thriller
The Decision
Samuel Nkwume
Honorable Mention: Thriller
Sarah's Journey
Akevo Jenkins
Best Horror
Max R. Zabell
Honorable Mention: Horror
Nidheya Suresh, Ahlan Williams
Best Sci-Fi
Witchwoods The Movie
Gary D Henry, Johnnie Hector
Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi
anpu - ZOEA
Powei Su
Best Experimental Film
Love and the Wind
Noah Kaplan
Honorable Mention: Experimental Film
Alberto Martín-Aragón
Best Inspirational Film
Ian Thomas Kent
Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film
Hurting Inside
Bruno Lemos
Best Fantasy Film
The Adventurers Diary
Jean Maye, Ben Wicks
Honorable Mention: Fantasy Film
anpu - ZOEA
Powei Su
Best Dark Comedy
UnLucky Jimmy
Lenny Pappano
Best Crime Film
The Long Game
Mustafa Abbas
Best LGBTQ Film
More Than He Knows
Fiona Dawson
Best Web Series
Trillo & Suede
Jonathan Geffner
Best Documentary
Offside Girls
Gautam Singh
Honorable Mention: Documentary
Carolien van Maaswaal
Best Animation
anpu - ZOEA
Powei Su
Best Music Video
Umut Evirgen
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Highland Home
Dan Schaefer
Best Student Film
Whispers in the Snow
Zhuolin Hong
Honorable Mention: Student Film
Parisian Jam
Rohan Bates
Best Director
Whispers in the Snow
Zhuolin Hong
Honorable Mention: Director
In Passing
Jared Leeds
Best First Time Director
Stefan Fleischlig-Tangl
Honorable Mention: First Time Director
The Decision
Samuel Nkwume
Best Indie Filmmaker
Theo Francocci
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker
Raymond Edwards
Best Young Filmmaker
Sound of Desperation
Phinehas Yoon
Honorable Mention: Young Filmmaker
100% Girl
Chen Liangyu
Best Actor
The Decision
Jarred Settles
Honorable Mention: Actor
Niki Lynch
Best Actress
Jane Doe
Amanda Lamberti
Honorable Mention: Actress
Ethnically Ambiguous
Tiffany Phillips
Best Supporting Actor
Albert Taylor
Best Young Actor
Whispers in the Snow
Miles Shaw
Best Young Actress
Maanya Varma
Best Duo
Jane Doe
Paola Deocampo & John Elsen
Best Ensemble
Jane Doe
Brett Rickaby, Amanda Lamberti, Paola Deocampo, John Elsen
Best Cinematography
Daniel Lares
Honorable Mention: Cinematography
Geno DiMaria
Best Editing
Jane Doe
Andres Ramirez
Honorable Mention: Editing
Love in the Rain
Vishnu Perumal
Best Score
More Than He Knows
Fabio Bertagnolli
Honorable Mention: Score
Eric Van Thyne
Best Song
Highland Home
Karen Johnson-Miller, Kurt Rosenberg
Honorable Mention: Song
anpu - ZOEA
Powei Su
Best Visual Effects
Julio César Bolívar
Honorable Mention: Visual Effects
anpu - ZOEA
Powei Su
Best Commercial
Paphangkorn Punchantarak
Honorable Mention: Commercial
Lexus IS Spec Commercial
Lindsay Clift
Best Original Story
Michael Anthony McMillon
Honorable Mention: Original Story
Three Shades of Aubrey
Nicholas Romito
Best Screenplay
J. J. Hillard
Honorable Mention: Screenplay
Dennis Ostermaier
Best First Time Screenwriter
Parisian Jam
Rohan Bates, Indra Hatton
Honorable Mention: First Time Screenwriter
Twisted Fate
Charles Petrilla
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