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8th Annual Top Shorts 2022 Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 8th Annual Top Shorts 2022 have been announced!

Forest Giants, directed by Michael Moskewicz, earns most nominations this year. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Best of Fest

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Incognito - Jacky Song

R[evol]ution Of Love - Louise Hylland

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Best Narrative Film

A Godless Country - Jesse Richardson

Conscription - Zach Beckstrand

Incognito - Jacky Song

R[evol]ution Of Love - Louise Hylland

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Life After - Jesse Edwards

Best Indie Film

At the Strawberry Stand - Gerald Gerhard Pribek

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Lea - Nora Jaenicke

Eldorado - Kevin James Bond

Come Back - Yulian Mateo, Adam Race

Puncture - Erik Bergamini

Best Drama

Reggie the Mailman - Corey Emanuel Jr.

Horseback - Shu Ya

Restless - Asger Krøjer Kallesøe

Focus - Tolulope Ajayi

Journey Home - Christopher Houlston

The Last Light - Dave Craighead

Best Comedy

The Rite Girl - Cody Theilman

The Invite - Jordan Rader

Waiting for Deading - Paul Sestakov

Cherry Ln. - Emily Skye

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz, Augusta Mariano

Servants - Desmond Hayes, Sarah Tither-Kaplan

Best Thriller

Exhibition - Fareed Kairon, Morgane Borg

Conflicted - Samuel Vincent Diggs

Reshape - Siming Zheng

Circles - Jiayu Shi

Fountain Axis - Ali Matlock

Obscura - J.H Deakins

Best Horror

bath - Roma Glova

Bloody Mary - Shreco Bakari

Volatility - Jason Winn

The Roast - Erim Şişman

The Witch's Bargain - Corey J. Trahan

The Game - Brynn Chamblee

Best Sci-Fi

Anomaly - Michael Jeanpert

211220 - Caroline Viitanen

Evil Professor - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Ni Kallatho - Sujay Putchala, Mahaveer Abhimanyu

Signals - Bryan Wynn Sutton

Faultless - Barry Heins

Best Experimental Film

Siren Song - Dri Sommer

Never Die - Xue Song

Queen Mab - Elizabeth Quilter

Sounds - Andrew Michael Frescas

Transformations - Sophie Bennett

The Red Clock - Alexandra Balda

Best Inspirational Film

Finding Joy in the Journey: A Flawed Masterpiece - Joy White, Sid Powell

The Nest - Jammie Patton, Kiziana Jean-Louis

The Cork Nativity - Patrick O'Shea

Breathe - Jordan Settembrini, Justin Settembrini

Roger Grein: An Empowering Philanthropist - Bob Kelly

Leader - Chris Overton

Best Fantasy Film

The Lady of the House of Love - Selena Xin Jin

Hate Is Not Welcome Here - Zaknafein Luken

Tainan Fantage - Jason M Tseng

Magic Drug - Wenchi Pan

Eunuch - Félix Gómez Amaya

The Sky Below - Charlie Rose

Best Dark Comedy

Hanging Buddy - John R Kestner

A Stranger at the Funeral - Ana Maria Estrada

The Butcher - Bruce Liang

Split Ends - Corina Mazzi

My Dinner With Werner - Maverick Moore

It Clicked Too Late for Kiligan Cruz - Brynne Alexandra Anderson

Best Crime Film

Victim X - Udhaya Sankar

Jesters Paradise - Sadi Eliyesil

Blue Lanterns - Brandon Chi-Wei Chen

Safehouse - Will Branner

The Decipio - Jason Gullifer

Puncture - Erik Bergamini

Best LGBTQ Film

75 Cents - Safi Jafri

A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas - Jenna R Laurenzo

Astronauts - Mariano Cabaco

Promise - Zhang Heng

Last Time - Mengting Gong

Spin - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Best Musical/Dance Film

Blue Delusion - Fang Guan, Yue Jia Yu

Kintsugi - Justine Kaneda

Places, Please - Reed Luplau

Warp Trio's Pandemic Disco Fantasy - Josh William Henderson, Andrew Wells-Ryder

When Snow Falls - Anthony Morigerato

Addictions - Sergei Stern

Best Web/TV Pilot

Audition - Cosimo Tucci

Hotline - Vanessa Rodriguez

On Tap - Joshua Manning, Damien Chinappi

One Note - Matthew Cooke

Coffee Talk - Ya-Chuan Hsiao

Daddy Diaper Diaries - Edy Soto, Bruce Chapnick

Best Web Series

The Off Beat with Lachi - Lachi

My Human Experience - Sylvia Ray, Aimee Dansereau, Sarah Cooke

Motel - Criss Gidas

Dogwalk - Val Gehley

Vertu - Fabien Dufils

Hamlet & Ophelia - Scott Westerman

Best Documentary

Kara - Star Of The World - Daniel Mark Bedell

Finding Joy in the Journey: A Flawed Masterpiece - Joy White, Sid Powell

Our Feet Are Rooted - Krista Imbesi

Dante Barksdale's Last Act - Zachary Slingsby, James Fitzgerald

January 6 - Nicholas Quested

Umoja - Justin R. Brown

Best Animation

Giselle - Emmanuel Shiu

The Sky Below - Charlie Rose

Pumpkin Pal - Suh Woo Choi

Guts - Byung Gun Park

Miracle - Shaofu Zhang

Perfectionism - Rustam Turaliyev

Best Music Video

Dead Of The Night - Minh Huynh

ELYAZ - Remember Home - Mauro Elias Morone

Niletto - Someone like you - Vladimir Besedin

Beast In Black - Moonlight Rendezvous - Katri Ilona Koppanen

New Mexico - Garrett Randol

Breakout - Garrett Edward Randol

Best Student Film

Outside The Consulting Room - Fangming Liu

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Shape of the Past - Jean-Baptiste Hansali

AfterLife - Andy Lam Wai Hin

The Master Cow - Nick Elson

Chopped & Stacked - Mykael D. Wood

Best Microfilm

Infinite Sandwich - Ramsey Haefner

I Can Only Sabotage My Self Sabotage - Stanzii

The Test - Florian Meimberg

I Don't Want Him Either - Heather Hawthorn Doyle

Moon Knight - Akshay Tiwari

They Sense Your Fear - Aramis Tatu

Best Director

All Blood Runs Red - Paul Mignot

Blackhatter - Amanda Gecewicz

Incognito - Jacky Song

Forest Giants - Augusta Mariano

Spin - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Breaking & Entering - Michael William Hogan

Best First Time Director

Terminal - Kadi Wald

Dahlia White - Alison Moir

One Afternoon - Yumin Zhang

Hanakotoba - Franck Lahoui, Jowkid

The Memories of A Song - Sibo Zhu

Baba - Cooper Harrison Levy, Cole Harrison Walderman

Best Indie Filmmaker

75 Cents - Safi Jafri

Barry - Alexander Henninger

Family Frenzy - Cody Dalton

LOVE.HURT - Alexia Eteveneaux-Birks

The Glimmer - Wenchi Pan

Something More - Andrew Michael Kovalchek

Best Young Filmmaker

The Accomplice - Shawn Quek

Wave Rider - Wyatt Thompson

It Always Is - Tristan Cohen

Spud - Will McDonald, Gavin Bell

The Proposal - Karen Han

Wait For It - Ella West Jerrier

Best Actor

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz

At the Strawberry Stand - Gerald Gerhard Pribek

Goodbye to Yesterday - Andy Cohen

Signals - Jonathan Lindsey

Deus Ex Machina - Tom Leeb

Baba - Cole Harrison Walderman

Best Actress

HomeBound - Katie Vincent

Forest Giants - Erin Clark

Restless - Sarah Boberg

Hanakotoba - Lena Shan

Captive - Charlotte Bjornbak

Breaking & Entering - Kiri Hartig

Best Young Actor

Into the Fog - Connor Laidman

Blue Lanterns - Julian Chan

It Clicked Too Late for Kiligan Cruz - Mateo Taylor

The Only Good Thing - Yair Roman

Paradise - Montgomery Samuel Thomas

The Monkey King - Jason Chen

Best Young Actress

Speak - Trinity Soos

The Moon Child - Laila Moore

The Coin - Kiley Opsal

Chloe - Molly Sasso

It's Just A Boy - Angel-May Webb

Josefine - Bina Assarsson

Best Duo

Anomaly - Roberto Calvet & Fleur Geffrier

Journey Home - Mike Bodie & Jennifer Martin

Forest Giants - Michael Moskewicz & Erin Clark

Hanakotoba - Frédéric Chau & Lena Shan

Chopped & Stacked - Jackson Schombert & Julian Attaway

Combattre - Tony Vinci & Hayden Livesay

Best Ensemble

The Trust - Constance Forslund, Tangie Ambrose, Joe Nassi, Colin Thomas Jennings, Harris Shore

The Game - Emma Rose Smith, Eden Harper, Rae Becka, Ryan Lewis, Greyson Chadwick, Darla Delgado, Addison Ross, Keller Fornes, Rebecca Rose Goodman, Brynn Chamblee

The Evolution of Women - Shannon King, Amber Brooke, Whitney Christopher, Annie Jacob, Tracy Wiu, Samantha Bright, Aaron Sherry, Grace Bernardo

Into the Fog - Christopher Jones, Connor Laidman, Victoria Kucher, Rebecca Nathan, Natasha Nathan

Small and Mighty - Brian Neal, Mellitta McKethan, T.C. Caldwell, D.A. Manson, Sterling Calhoun, Diana Christine Guzman, KerryAnn McKenna, Tameeka Cooper, Diannique Guzman, Sienna Brandon-Gomez

The Reading - Jessi Williams, Estelle Chout, Malia McGuire, Gabriela Lewis

Best Cinematography

All Blood Runs Red - Eric Dumont

Journey Home - Edward Massey

Forlorn - Miguel Tafich

Life After - Aaron Seldon

Good Vibes - Xiang "Shawn" Cao

Dark Dreams - Nicola De Prato

Best Editing

Fountain Axis - D.J. Ecal

Spin - David Shaw, Lea Marie Heller

Life After - Zach Prichard

Signals - Zoë S. Taylor

The Game - Matthew Jensen

My Story of Alzheimer's Disease - Andrew Duncan

Best Score

The Red Clock - Ron Potter

Journey Home - Stewart Dugdale

Life After - Ryan Taubert

The Ball Method - Dagmawi Abebe

Forest Giants - Jeremy Robinson

My Story of Alzheimer's Disease - Michael Verselli

Best Sound Design

75 Cents - Safi Jafri

Incognito - Yiming Zhou

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Chopped & Stacked - Chris Porter

After Masks - Robert Acocella

Forget Me Not - Matt Tracy

Best Song

Window - "Thank You" - Hunter Hawkins

A Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat - "You Make Me Cry" - Stephen Sorrentino, Katy Setterfield

Dark Shadow - Jehan Rabah Assria, Adeniyi "Synematik" Adelekan

My Story of Alzheimer's Disease - "Flying Free" - Chad Marvin

1 - "When You Come Back I'll Be Gone For Good" - Paul C Babin

Timeless - Ron Josef Danziger, Christina Teenz Tan

Best Commercial/Promotional Video

The Calling - Xiaoyu Yang

Galaxy Love - Ryan Tian

Retica - Carlo De Agostini

Mazda, Made to inspire - Theodoros Tzartos

The Superiore of Prosecco in Venice - Carlo Guttadauro

Ni Kallatho - Anil Ćakar

Best Trailer

Retica - Carlo De Agostini

ʻOumuamua - Richard Eschenroeder

Obsidienne - Aphro Oner

Providence - Damon Darrell, Lynia Love

In Time - Jennifer de Guzman Maliwanag

Incognito - Jacky Song

Best Original Story

Signals - Bryan Wynn Sutton

Love Means Nothing in Tennis - Peter Gunter

The Last Light - Dave Craighead

Horseback - Shu Ya

Final Deathtination - Marika Tamura

Magic Drug - Wenchi Pan

Best Screenplay

Heavy Hitter - Liesel Galletly

Hope's Ravens - Catherine Schandl

Beverly Ever After - John R Kestner

When The Donuts Hit The Fan... - Richard Stirling

The Francophile - Brett Howard Nelson

Evie and Beck Kill A Monster - Chris Paschall

Best Television Script

Beef.Cake - Ken Arpino, Andrew Wilcox, Matthew Mitchell

Natural History - Stephen Tantoco

Losing the Plot - Nicola Morris, Rupert Bogarde

Hoodz - Christina Brandon-Gómez

End of Days - Danny Alex

Work - Katie Fahey

Special Jury Award

Wine and Fox - Chuanfa Wan

Brothers - Ragini Bhasin

Goodbye to Yesterday - Chae Talley

Killer Miller - Austin Spicer

Speak - Robin Hofmann

Eldorado - Kevin James Bond

Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year

Merry Go Round - Kara M. Canton

The Memories of A Song - Sibo Zhu

It's Just A Boy - Jane Webb

A History of Violence in the Northeast - Yong Wang

Real Connections - Seda Anbarci

Peaches - Benjamin Hunt

Breakthrough Screenwriter of the Year

The Ballad of Billy & The Bully - Hogan Hiatt

Flushing the Fear - Olivia Rendell

Still Born - Torin Penwell

For Laughs - Molly Roland

Ghost of a Chance - Jan Maxwell

No Respect - Benjamin King

Submissions now open for the 10th Annual Top Shorts! Submit your film/screenplay:


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