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WE LOVE FILMS. WHO DOESN'T? | Roy Zafrani, Top Shorts' Director and Founder

Introducing Top Shorts Online Film Festival

When I was younger, starting my career in the film industry, I found out that there were so many obstacles on the way. I sent my scripts to film funds everywhere, trying to tell that story that must me be told. I've been making documentaries with low budgets, just because I believed that the subjects are important. Every filmmaker struggles every day to make his dream come true (well, except Scorsese and his friends in Hollywood). We all have a passion to tell a story, whether if we make documentaries, story-based films or animation. Turns out, making a good film doesn't require selling your house (unless you must have your character flying over a volcano, all in 3D of course). With a low budget and a great amount of passion and belief, every filmmaker from any point on our globe can make an outstanding film, the kind that stays in the viewers hearts. Top Shorts is a new online film festival, showcasing some of the greatest short films from around the world to an audience of film fans and filmmakers. During the days of the festival, any film fan will be able to watch and vote for his favorite films on the Top Shorts website, totally FREE of charge, and no registration required. In the meantime, you can read inspiring blogs, written by the filmmakers, watch trailers and see the daily updates on our website.

My main goal is promoting talented filmmakers and their works to a wide audience as possible (and the internet is an unlimited platform, imagine the possibilities!). My team and I strongly believe that showcasing the short films of independent filmmakers can make another step up in their careers.

Below, you can find some of our categories. We're sure that every film fan will find their favorite category and we hope that you'll enjoy watching the films. Join us on July 1-15, 2015, and be a part of the celebration! Roy Zafrani Director and Founder Top Shorts

Watch the trailer of Top Shorts' special screening, "The Rite of Rosemary"

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